At St. Luke’s, we have been blessed with truly beautiful gardens, which offer serenity, beauty, and quiet to our community and our neighbors. We love our gardens, and many of our members love to be in our gardens, nurturing them and helping them grow.

SLUG (St. Luke’s Urban Garden) is the name of the lot now hosting P-patch plots for local residents. SLUG began as a vacant lot, filled with weeds and junk. With the aid of a benevolent bulldozer and many helping hands, it became a community garden, filled with people, vegetables, and flowers. SLUG reminds us of how we, too, can be transformed with the help of God’s love in community.

We know many people in the neighborhood would love to garden, but either don’t know how, or don’t have the space to do so where they live. We’re delighted to offer help to both of those groups through Second Saturday Gardening.

We work in the gardens on the second Saturday of the each month (except when it’s raining) and are more than happy to share our experience and love of God’s creation with anyone and everyone.

You don’t need to be a member of St. Luke’s, or a Christian at all, or even believe that there is a God in the first place. Everyone is welcome to come to garden. Bring your own gloves, if you can.

To learn more about our Garden Ministry, please email or call us at 206.784.3119.