This year the St. Luke’s Christmas Pageant will be online! And we need your help!
We’re asking you to create short videos of yourselves as either shepherds, animals, or angels. We’ll take your videos and edit them into a single Christmas Pageant video.During the month of November, we would like you or your family to make a short video starring your kids, your family, your grandparents, your neighbors, and even your pets, in the roles of shepherds, animals, or angels.

Your video should include only ONE of the roles… but you can submit three videos, one for each role. We won’t be including sound, but we would love action. So let your angels fly, your shepherds herd their sheep (live, stuffed, or imaginary), and your animals… well… do whatever animals do.

Here are a few recording hints:

  • Anyone can participate in our pageant! Young or old, members of St. Luke’s or not, send us your videos!
  • Use a cell phone to record your video in landscape (horizontally)!
  • Find a location that is just right (your backyard barn, a nearby field) and shoot your video there. Look for a location that isn’t too ‘busy’ so that your animals, angels, and shepherds will stand out.
  • Feel free to be creative with your costumes. If you have costumes, great! If you don’t, be creative. Sheets, tablecloths, and bathrobes all make wonderful costumes. No one will be turned away for lack of a costume!
  • Remember that you don’t need any sound. Indeed, any sound will be removed from your video, so don’t worry about it!
  • Don’t combine angels, animals, or shepherds in the same video. You can do all three (with the same actors even) but they need to be three separate videos.
We’ll edit the clips together to make a complete pageant to be shown on Sunday, December 20 as part of our Sunday morning worship.
Contact the church office by December 3 for instructions for submitting videos or with any questions.