Dear Ones,

Thank you for your generous support of St. Luke’s this year. The buildings may be closed, but the Church remains open with your help. We’re asking you to pledge for the coming year so St. Luke’s can continue to offer worship, feed the hungry, and promote justice.

In spite of the changes in 2020, your financial support, prayers, participation, and God’s help have kept St. Luke’s thriving. We even have new people joining livestream worship! We fed the hungry at Edible Hope Kitchen, grew food in St. Luke’s Urban Garden (SLUG), and maintained old buildings. Though Canon Britt never imagined being a “televangelist,” we’ve created and improved virtual worship and coffee hour.  We’ve also led deep dives into faith and racial justice. We have kept all staff employed and welcomed our new Curate, Mother Hillary. She started a weekly livestream Compline, and St. Luke’s will offer a virtual Advent retreat and Christmas pageant.

We live in troubled times. Pledging helps St. Luke’s plan for the year ahead, but it is more crucially part of offering ourselves to God. A pledge is an important sign of faith, which is why we place our offerings (and symbolically ourselves) on the altar when we gather for worship, regardless of the amount.

We ask you to reflect on and pray about your financial commitment to St. Luke’s. You can submit your pledge for 2021 by mail with the enclosed card or online at If we receive it by December 13, we’ll include it in a sealed envelope on the altar during the livestream Eucharist — a virtual community gathering with a special blessing for the year ahead.

Thank you for being a blessing to St. Luke’s and leaning toward the light in difficult times.

With gratitude,

Meredith Rawls

Paige Lowe

Barbara Wilson

Online Giving

You can use PayPal to contribute to St. Luke’s by credit/debit card or funds in your PayPal account, both for one-time donations and regular pledge payments. If you would like to earmark your donation for a particular ministry, such as Edible Hope, please note this in the comment section of the payment form.

You can also set up automatic payments to St. Luke’s from your bank account with Vanco. Fill out and print this form, attach a voided check, and mail or bring it to church. Please email or call the office at 206-784-3119 with any questions. There are no fees for donors using Vanco or PayPal services.