Proper 11, Year A – July 20, 2014

I’m very familiar with weeds; they are the thing that I grow best!

In fact, I don’t have much experience with gardening or farming, nor do I have a great track record for growing things; cooking them, shopping for them, eating them, these are all another matter; but growing them is not my strong suit.

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Vicar’s Forum

Each week, the Vicar’s Forum is an opportunity to explore a part of the life of faith. Sometimes practical, sometimes philosophical, always challenging, the forum is an opportunity to connect your life on Sunday with your life the other six days each week.

This year, St. Luke’s is reading the entire Old Testament, straight through (and next year, we will read the New Testament straight through). We call it The Bible Project, and a lot of our Forum time will be spent on the Bible. Click here to learn more about The Bible Project, and to see our schedules.

You can see what is coming up this week in the Forum (and everything else happening on Sunday) by clicking here.