Edible Hope is continuing to feed our neighbors by providing to-go meals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please consider supporting our efforts by purchasing any of the items listed below and bringing them by or having them delivered to the church. The delivery address is 5710 22nd Ave NW, Seattle. You can also make a cash dontion through Paypal or by sending us a check.

Costco Business Delivery has the best prices on these items, but you are welcome to buy them or comparable items elsewhere; a Costco membership is required to order from Costco Business Delivery. If you don’t already have an account at CostcoBusinessDelivery.com, you’ll need to set up a new login. Your login information for Costco.com won’t work.

  • Any Hand Sanitizer!!
  • Any Bleach Wipes!

From Costco:

  • From Smart Foodservice (aka Cash & Carry), nearest location is at 1155 NW Ballard Way
      $19.29 / Unit (25 lb)
      Quantity 2