Paige Lowe grew up around Northern California as a youth pastor’s kid. She graduated from Knox College with a degree in Computer Science and Creative Writing and is one of those Seattle programmers we all like to complain about. Outside of her job and her faith, she plays a lot of tabletop roleplaying games, talks too much about her three cats (she’s got pictures if you want to see them), and records a stupid podcast. She never expected to be an Episcopalian, but she fell in love with the way St. Luke’s loved God and loved their people, and wanted to be a part of that.





Garet Nenninger has attended St. Luke’s since 2019. The son of an Air Force pilot, he was born overseas and then moved throughout the Continental US and Hawaii. Garet served with the Navy for five years in Virginia, where he attended a small, historically Black church. Graduate school at the UW brought Garet to the Pacific Northwest, and the first winter of bicycle commuting didn’t send him running for cover (it was warmer than Boston), so he is still here, 25 years later. Garet’s three adult children grew up in Seattle, but have scattered to three states. For work, Garet directs the electrical engineering department at a product development consulting company downtown. In his own time, Garet enjoys community circus theater, as both an aerial performer and stage crew, and is preparing for his black belt exam in karate. When driven indoors by rain, he tends toward furniture construction, arts and crafts projects, and carving miniature models.

Garet looks forward to serving on the Bishop’s Committee, and bringing a perspective of transitions and welcoming of new cultures and traditions as we navigate changes ahead of us as a faith community.


Bill Hoey: I’ve been a member of St. Luke’s since late 2017, and in that time served as Assistant Treasurer, as a member of the  Property Stewardship Committee, and as a shepherd on the Health and Safety Committee.
I’m originally from Ohio but have lived in Seattle since 2015, and currently live in Ballard not far from St. Luke’s. I was drawn to St. Luke’s by their direct support of those in need that I see in the neighborhood every day. Being a member of St. Luke’s has taught me much about compassion, humility, and gratitude, and I look forward to serving on the Bishop’s Committee in 2021.